The Futuristic Schwinge Tetra Superyacht Concept

Will we be really able to surf the ocean on this amazing ship?

The Futuristic Schwinge Tetra Superyacht Concept
The year 2016 has started off with several incredible inventions. Just to mention but a few, the year has seen the advent of a new virtual suit that lets you reach out and touch ‘environment,' body bioelectronics, super memory crystal that can store data for 13.8 billion years and the bee pollen that can boost battery performance. All these seem unbelievable but wait till you hear of the tetrahedron superyacht concept that can lift itself above water at high speed. This amazing idea is the Schwinge Tetra Super Yacht, and its look might deceive you as it seems inconceivable. The idea was conceived by the London-based architect and designer, Jonathan Schwinge by reworking the standard structure and propulsion of new watercraft as a simple sequence of planes that create an enclosed segment. The Tetra draws its futuristic and hovering appearance from a boat design known as a Hydrofoil Small Waterplane Area. The architectural concept of the yacht is diminished to the geometry of a tetrahedron. This is a three-dimensional concrete design made of four triangle sides, six straight edges and four vertex corners for core stability and enclosure. This figure composes an absolute, logical and arithmetic top that joins the hull assembly. The Tetrahedron gets its appearance at high speed of rising over water making it look like a boat that can fly. This concept is derived from a Hydrolic Small Waterplane Area Ship that is composed of a single vertical strut on a single submerged ‘toperdo’ hull. The ship has two functioning ‘waterlines’ for its operation depending on the speed. At low speeds, the Tetra lays on three hulls under the body of the pyramid. When the Tetra is at high speed, it levitates out of the water since the hydrofoils connected to the central pillar rotate on the lower submerged hull. An auto-pilot ‘fly-by-light’ system from the aviation sector would be in power of challenging roll forces and preserve ‘foil bourne’ speed and would also control heave and pitch. The Tetra can travel long distances with minimal out-of-water drag, and once it is above the water surface, it can offer an unruffled ride in stormy ocean condition. Raised hydrofoil propulsion boosts efficiency and would be an intrinsic performance advantage of this type of design. Long distance and undisturbed travel in rough water at high speed are the principal performance facets of this modern motor yacht design. The Futuristic Schwinge Tetra Superyacht Concept In reality, Tetra would be made of stainless steel from a carbon-fibre superstructure. It would allow four crew members and six passengers on board. When harbored, sections of the lavish yacht's three sides would unfold to become extended deck regions and horizontal panels could surface overhead to offer sun shades. The outcome of this invention is a super yacht that provides an experience of a ship actually ‘levitating’ above water. Not only does the ship have a distinct look, but its design also enables it to cut through water with minimized drag giving it a maximum speed. When not in motion or not speeding, the Tetra can ‘spread out’ to offer more deck space. The Futuristic Schwinge Tetra Superyacht Concept

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The Futuristic Schwinge Tetra Superyacht Concept

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