Apple Will Bring iPads and Interactive Learning in the Classroom

Is technology really good for childrens' learning?

Apple Will Bring iPads and Interactive Learning in the Classroom
The use of technology in classrooms has been a subject of numerous debates over the last few years. Both teachers and parents have expressed concerns about the impact the technology has on children. With new devices coming out every passing day, there is a worry that children are not developing as they should. Some experts in the education sector feel that children are learning more about devices than education. Apple is currently working on an initiative to have iPads in classrooms. The tech company, however, did not always feel the same way, especially under the leadership of Steve Jobs. For a long time, Apple always left other companies to develop teaching and management tools for educators, but that is no longer the case. One application that Apple is putting on the market is the Classroom app, which makes it possible for teachers to see what their pupils are doing on their devices. With such an application, it becomes easier to monitor what children do with their devices. It also improves learning because teachers can note if children experience problems. iPads in classrooms provide interactive learning. Pupils can connect with one another on one learning platform. There is also the advantage of video chats that make communication more engaging. If a pupil needs help with an exercise, he or she can quickly find the needed answers even when at home. Communication between teachers, pupils and parents is simpler when using iPads. If teachers need to communicate with parents, they can just send emails and get instant feedback the same way. Children can also do the same. Gone are the days when you had to find the right time when a teacher was available to speak to them. The use of iPads in classrooms also makes learning more fun and simple for children, especially the young ones. A child that is just beginning school can use an iPad to paint and draw. The difference when using a smart device is that he or she can do it without all the mess that comes with using crayons and watercolors. Children also have access to more resources online like dictionaries, and research materials. iPads also have a lot of applications that cover just about every subject. If children need help with their homework, they can find any information they need. Apple Will Bring iPads and Interactive Learning in the Classroom One aspect that doesn’t seem to fit into the whole concept of classroom technology is the one device per student program. Not every school can afford to get each of their teachers and students an iPad. However, Apple has found a way to fix that. With Shared iPad, pupils can access their learning content from an iPad in their classroom. It makes it possible for pupils to share devices for their learning purposes. The maintenance of devices is another concern. Children are not particularly careful, and schools have to deal with broken, stolen or misplaced iPads. There is also the issue of updating the devices, which can be a bit technical. Some schools are countering that challenge by having a technical support team on call to help students when they need help.

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