Reasons why the electric car is the future

Electric cars really are the future and that future looks incredibly bright. This is due to the increase in the number of charging stations, coupled with models that can now travel for longer distances. As the government is also looking to cut car emissions and pollution levels across the globe, the electric car is now the obvious choice to get you from A to B. Let's look at some of the reasons why everyone should be driving an electric car! Inexpensive battery What is most surprising, even to those in the electric car industry, is that the price of the battery is quickly dropping. Due to this fact, this will make electric cars available to the mass market, on a global scale. Buying an electric car will be just as economical as buying its diesel relative. The long distance electric car is on its way What is truly exciting, and revolutionary, is that the electric car will soon be able to travel for an average of 200 miles on one single charge. This will be solely on electricity. Choice of charging stations Many consumers have been put off in the past by a lack of charging stations, but this is soon to change. Charging stations will be made available at your place of work, in shopping precincts and other general public spaces. Huge investments in the electric car industry Huge investments are being made to make the electric car more accessible for everyone. Top manufacturers at present include those of BMW, Nissan and General Motors, but other companies are now playing catch up and wishing to cash in on this lucrative car market. Honda, for example, have predicted that by 2050, a staggering two thirds of their cars will be of he electric variety. Electric cars really are the future and we all need to think seriously about buying one.

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