Mallorca Beaches Opening To Dogs

Being able to walk on a beautiful beach with their furry best friend is something many dog owners will look for when they decide to take their pet with them on holiday. This is particularly so for those that enjoy holidaying in the winter months. For a long time dogs have not been welcome visitors to the beaches of Mallorca, but finally many resorts are changing their rules. The municipality of Artà has led the way in this canine revolution by opening their beaches to dogs from the beginning of October to the end of April. Pollença and Andratx have also followed suit and are now open for dog-friendly fun and frolics throughout the winter. In a bid to make Mallorca more attractive to holidaymakers and their four-legged friends the local government is encouraging the various municipalities to review their rules concerning dogs. Son Servera and Sóller are already considering opening up their beaches with a hope to enticing enthusiastic dog walkers to their beautiful shores. When considering taking your dog on holiday it is vitally important to check ahead with your hotel and car rental company to ensure they are accepting of your pampered pooch. Some businesses will have strict rules on dogs but many others will be far more accommodating in an effort to boost their winter business. When it comes to taxis unless the dog is a registered helper, it will be down to the driver's discretion as to whether they allow an additional hairy passenger. There is also good news for those that may want to take their dog with them during a summer vacation as areas that currently allow them in winter are considering extending this welcome into the summer months. There are even moves to allow dogs on public transport such as trains and buses. All great news for man, woman and their best friend!

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